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Our Mission:

To provide top quality, professional DJ service for your wedding reception or event.  

We are tactful, respectful, reliable and add the perfect amount of energy needed to make your reception simply...perfect! ​

Who we are

KEC Entertainment is honored that you are considering making us a part of your special day. We're excited to listen to your ideas and offer any suggestions to help create a special day that combines our experience with your ideas and personality.

At KEC Entertainment , we're committed to providing our clients, with high quality disc jockey entertainment. All of our disc jockeys and emcees are professionally trained to ensure that your guests have an excellent time.

We are not pushy, overbearing, or annoying;

Our entertainers are professional in every respect: dress, the way they handle themselves and the way they interact with your guests.

The key to a beautiful reception or event is finding the right balance which is appropriate for your guests. We'll meet with you to make sure our entertainer's energy level as well as our music volume and selection is appropriate for your diverse guest list. In addition, we'll coordinate our entertainment in conjunction with your banquet hall to make every last detail perfect.

We look forward to consulting with you to see what level of entertainment is appropriate for your event. We are fully licensed and insured and have back up equipment available in the unlikely event it is needed.

Your satisfaction is our number one goal. As you plan your event, realize that with all of the time, effort and money you are putting into it, entertainment is a very important element to any party and should not be left to chance. At KEC Entertainment, we offer a caring and professional attitude that puts your style and feelings first. 


How can we help

Entertainment is one of the most important parts of your special event.  The success of your event is our number one priority.  We pride ourselves in hiring only the best disc jockeys and Emcees in the industry.  All of our staff is fully trained and come fully equipped with an extensive music library, using only the best equipment the industry has to offer, including state of the art mixing units, computer-based music programs, wireless microphones and top of the line self-powered and speakers, making sure your favorite songs are played sounding as clean and crisp as they were intended to be.

All of our DJ's are capable of handling any type of event, from weddings and bar mitzvahs to corporate events and school events. Our DJ professionals are experts at reading crowds, mixing music and speaking clearly on the microphone. We will also work with you and your other vendors to insure your event doesn't skip a beat. KEC Entertainment is great with communication skills and coordinating your special dances, speeches and formalities with your venue along with the facility, we will know when to sit them down to enjoy their meal and get them on the floor dancing!

KEC Entertainments sophisticated style and formal approach enables us to be charming and fun, without being cheesy or over the top. You’ll be amazed by our ability to keep your guests on the dance floor having a great time. 

Before the event we’ll review all the event details together and complete a detailed musical itinerary. As a result, we will relieve as much stress as possible throughout the planning process and on the day of. 

KEC Entertainment is dedicated to making sure your special event turns out just as YOU imagined it!


What we do


KEC Entertainment is a full service, full time entertainment company providing the ultimate party music to any occasion. Our event coordination and DJ talent expertise spans over 25 years of committed customer service, dedication and experience. Our first order of business is you and to personally assist you in the planning of your special event. We help turn creative ideas into successful realities. 

KEC Entertainment has become known for larger-than-life theme weddings and events that transport participants away from their everyday lives.

​HIGH ENERGY! KEC Entertainment knows how to create excitement at your reception. We offer the best Emcee’s- DJ’s in the business when it come to interacting with your guests. Watch your guests get involved! Watch the dance floor fill! This type of energy doesn’t just happen. It is CREATED at the hands of KEC Entertainment who understands the importance of entertaining your guests.

REFINED! Some receptions are more laid back. Music is the essential ingredient to laying the ground work for class and elegance. Our Emcee’s-DJ’s are professionals who understand that the proper mix and the presentation of the music makes all the difference in creating an ambiance of refinement for your reception.

BALANCED! There is no law that says your reception has to be either low key or high energy. It can be something in between. In fact, the best parties are usually well balanced. The right level of this balance for your reception is determined in our pre-planning stage with you...This is Your event! Everything we do is directed to making it...PERFECT!

MUSIC SELECTION! When you choose KEC Entertainment for your wedding, you will meet one- on-one with your Emcee to strategically map out your entire music selection. KEC Entertainment personally customizes the music to fit your musical tastes. It is also important to us to know what NOT to be played.


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